Sandbäcken Arena

IF Karlstad logoStadium: Sandbäcken Arena
Club: IF Karlstad
Karlstad Kommun will be building a new stadium at the Sannafältet in Karlstad. This stadium will replace the old Tingvalla Idrottsplats and be part of a ølarge sports-complex. The arena will be a combined football, American football and athletics stadium with hybrid-grass and under-soil heating. Total capacity of the stadium will be 4000, of which 1500 will be seats on the main-stand.

The building process is expected to start during the summer of 2021 and the stadium should be completed and ready for use during the autumn of 2022

Capacity: 4.000 (1.500 seats)
Surface: Hybrid-grass
Location: At Sannafältet in the city Karlstad in Värmland
Address: Sandbäcken
Visited: TBA

Club website: and Project web-site and Webcam

County: Värmland – Sweden 

Illustrations from Sweco

Sandbäcken Arena
The new main-stand with a capacity of 1.500 seats. Illustration credit: Sweco
Sandbäcken Arena
Standing terraces. Illustration credit: Sweco
Sandbäcken Arena
Wood will be the main material. Illustration credit: Sweco
Overview of the sports-complex. Illustration credit: Sweco
The stadium in the forrest. Illustration credit: Sweco

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