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About and background:

This website is dedicated to football stadiums and groundhopping in the Nordic countries. I am from Norway and based in Oslo. But most of the time you will find me travelling all across the Nordics, in search for a new stadium and a new match. Occasionally I also make the trip abroad to see some of the biggest matches in the world.

Football is nothing without fans and passion. It’s nothing without pyros, tifos and the hot derbies. A proper match-burger would match any Michelin star menu if you ask us! Above all it’s all abouit great experiences! We live for the beautiful game and we would love to hear from you. Please send your tips about stadiums I should travel to, great local derbies I should attend, renovations and new stadiums, feedback about my channels and other tips and suggestions. Contact me at info@nordicstadiums.com


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Web: www.nordicstadiums.com

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Photos and videos:

All photos are taken by me, if nothing else is stated. Please do not use photos or content in videos without permission © Nordic Stadiums. If you want to use photos on official football clubs websites, it is ok as long as you credit www.nordicstadiums.com. You may also include a link to my videos or embed them.

It is not allowed to use my content in YouTube videos, tv-programmes, websites, SOME or any other media without permission.

However, all photos are available in original large formats and all original video files are available, contact me if you are interested in either of them.

In addition, all photos and video files are for sale, both for editorial and commercial use. Contact me at info@nordicstadiums.com and we will agree on a deal.

Likewise, for any press related inquiries, contact me at: info@nordicstadiums.com

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Commercial cooperation and content marketing:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at info@nordicstadiums.com for any suggestions about collaboration.

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  • Content marketing production, photos and video. Production in English or Norwegian


Regards, Terje M.

– Chief editor