Nordic Cup finals 2022

Here is the fixture list for all the Nordic Cup finals 2022. Due to the Covid19 situation there might be some re-scheduling of the playing dates and also some changes in some of the nation’s tournament formats. For instance, the Norwegian 2021 final is played during the spring of 2022. See all the 2021 Nordic Cup finals

Denmark nation flag Denmark: Sydbank Pokalen – Brøndby Stadion in Copenhagen 26. May: OB – Midtjylland 0-0 (3-4 pens)

Faroe Islands nation flag Faroe Islands: LøgmanssteypiðTorsvøllur in Torshavn 29. October: KÍ – Víkingur 0-1

Finland nation flag Finland: Suomen Cup – Helsinki Olympic Stadium 17. September: KuPS – Inter Turku 1-0 Att: 3.372

Iceland nation flag Iceland: MjólkurbikarLaugardalsvöllur in Reykjavik 1. October: FH – Vikingur Reykjavik 2-3 Att: 4.381

Norway nation flag Norway: NorgesmesterskapetUllevaal Stadion in Oslo 10. May 2023:

 Sweden: Svenska Cupen – Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm 26. May: Hammarby – Malmö FF 0-0 (3-4 pens) Att: 29.214