Stadium rumors of renovations and new constructions

Here is our list of stadium rumors of Nordic clubs, that wants to renovate their stadiums or simply build a new ground:

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OB Odense: 2020 OB has plans to renovate Nature Energy Park at a cost of about 100 mill. DKR. But OB really want a total makeover at a cost of staggering 263 mill. DKR

Vard Haugesund: Vard wants to build a new stadium with an 800-seat capacity

Skeid: The cub wants to renovate Nordre Åsen to a 4000-capacity stadium

Kjelsås: Kjelsås wants to turn Grefsen Stadion into a modern stadium with a new club-house and increased capacity

FC Roskilde: Wants to build a new stadium

FK Bryne: Wants to build a new stadium, but the club has experienced several major set-backs.

Bodø/Glimt: The Bodø club is seriously looking into what to do with Aspmyra Stadion

SK Gjøvik/Lyn: Renovation of the old wooden stand at Gjøvik Stadion is ongoing. The club hopes to continue with further redevelopment in the coming years

KPV: Wants to build a new stadium in Jakobstad at a cost of about 4,5 Mill Euro

HIFK: Dreaming about building an own stadium in Södervik with a capacity of 5000-10000 and with a retractable roof

Jönköping Södra: Looking into the possibility of a new stsdium at Stadsparksvallen or at Elmia

Nardo FK: There is stadium rumors that Nardo is looking into the possibility of building a new stadium

Øygarden FK: Wants to build a news atdium at Bildøy with a capacity of 3000-4000, inspired of Sogndals Fosshaugane

Hillerød Fodbold: Checking out several options to make their dream of a new stadium come through