Melløs Stadion

Moss FK klubblogoStadium: Melløs Stadion
Club: Moss FK
Capacity: 4.000 (1.600 seats)
Info: In 2021 the old wooden standing terrace was demolished and replaced by a new one
Surface: Grass
Location: Close to the city center of Moss
Address: Nordahl Griegs gate 26, 1524 Moss
Visited: August 2017, August 2019, May 2022 & April 2023

25. August 2019 Post-Nord Ligaen (3. tier) Moss FK – Hødd IL 2-1 (1-0) 1-0 Sanyang (Goal), 2-0 Sanyang (Goal), 2-1 Shroot. Att: 542

Comment: Moss used to be one of the leading clubs in Norway in the 80s and 90s, but the club has dropped massively in stature along with the decrease of industry in the city. Both these clubs want to be on a higher level, but today they probably are right where they belong at the moment. A good game of football on a nice summers day on the legendary Melløs Stadion

Club website:

County: Østfold – Norway 

Other matches at Melløs Stadion:

  • 30.04.2023 OBOS-Ligaen: Moss – FK Jerv 2-1

30.04.2023 OBOS-Ligaen: Moss – FK Jerv 2-1

Melløs Stadion - Moss FK

Melløs Stadion - Moss FK

Melløs Stadion - Moss FK

Mellos Stadion ny ståtribune
May 2021: Constructing a new standing terrace

Mellos Stadion
Moss – Hødd 25. August 2019

Mellos Stadion gamle ståtribune

Mellos Stadion

Mellos Stadion

Mellos Stadion

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