Rommensletta Kunstgress

Rommen SK logoStadium: Rommensletta Kunstgress
Club: Rommen SK
Capacity: 1.500 
Surface: Syntethic
Location:  In Groruddalen, east in Oslo
Address: Haavard Martinsensvei 35, 0978 Oslo
Visited: 04. Mai 2018. Rommen SK – Ski IL 1-0 (1-0) (4. Div. – 5 tier) Goal: Huu Le Att: 50
Comment: An even match, which could have gone either way. Great weather and good support from the fans!
Club website:
County: Oslo – Norway 
Other matches:

Rommen SK - Lørenskog IF 1-2
29. June 2019: Rommen SK – Lørenskog IF 1-2

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