Randesund IL logoStadium: Sukkevann
Club: Randesund IL
Surface: Artificial turf
Location: Next to the lake Sukkevann in Randesund, just east of Kristiansand
Address: Dvergsnesveien 31, 4638 Kristiansand

Visited: 30. July 2022 Norsk-tipping ligaen: Randesund IL – Fram Larvik 2-2 (2-2) 0-1 Jonas Bruusgaard (6), 1-1 Kristian Brattland (7), 2-1 Tore Viste Ulstein (25), 2-2 Uno Kristian Pedersen (37, goal)

Attendance: 70

The Sukkevann sports-park is located on the eastern side of Kristiansand, and is a top modern complex for both football, tennis and handball. I visited the Sukkevann stadium on a beautiful July summer day. The hosts took on the bigger club Fram from Larvik. It turned out to be a very good football match in the great and friendly atmosphere. Among the goals, a beauty of a free-kick from Uno Kristian Pedersen. Plenty of chances both ways, and in the end a draw was probably a fair result.

The Randesund giant goalkeeper Øyvind Børresen is a massive 206 cm tall, and an attraction on its own. He also played a very good match!

Club website:

County: Agder – Norway 

Sukkevann - Randesund IL

Sukkevann - Randesund IL

Sukkevann - Randesund IL

Sukkevann - Randesund IL

Sukkevann - Randesund IL

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