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The new Helsingør Stadion

Helsingor FC klubblogoFC Helsingør and Helsingør Kommune have agreed on the building of a new stadium in Helsingør. The stadium will be situated at Gamle Hellebækvej, close to the Helsingørhallen. The surface of the pitch will be syntethic and the cost is estimated to be about 57 mdk. Capacity will be about 4000, mainly standing places, with a minimum of 300 seats. The stadium will meet the requirements for 1. division matches (2. tier)

Estimated construction start is autumn 2017 and the stadium will be completed in the summer of 2018.

Update august 2018: There have been a lot of trouble, and the construction work has just started. The new Helsingør Stadion is now expected to be completed in Q1 2019. The cost is now estimated to 81 mdk.

Update October 2018: The stadium is now expected to be completed during the summer of 2019. The total cost is expected to close in on about 90 mdk.

Update April 2019: The stadium is expected to be opened 26. June 2019. Total cost estimate 81,5 MNOK (Source:

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The old Helsingør Stadion


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