Veitvet Kunstgress

Veitvet SK logoVeitvet Kunstgress info:
Club: Veitvet SK. The ground is also used by several other clubs
Surface: Artificial pitch
Location: In Groruddalen, east of the city center of Oslo
Address: Veitvetveien 17, 0596 Oslo
Visited: Several times. Photos from June 2023

Club website:

County: Oslo – Norway 

My matches:

  • 05.06.2022 5. Div (6.tier): FK Union Carl Berner – Furuset IF 2-0
  • 16.06.2022 5. Div (6.tier): FK Union Carl Berner – Langhus 0-0
  • 18.08.2022 5. Div (6.tier): FK Union Carl Berner – Nordstrand 2 0-3

Veitvet Kunstgress - Veitvet SK

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