All to play for after a goalless draw in the first OBOS-ligaen play-off match Fredrikstad-Notodden

Stadium: Fredrikstad Stadion
Match: OBOS-ligaen qualification play-off 12. November 2017. Fredrikstad FK – Notodden FK  0-0 Att: 5.340
Comment: The first match of two matches to decide which team will play in OBOS-ligaen (2. tier) in the 2018 season. Notodden FK defeated Rufoss Fotball to earn the right to play. Notodden lost the first match at Raufoss, but hit back and went through after  a dramatic penalty shoot-out at Notodden.

This was the match between the giant Fredrikstad FK and the small club Notodden FK. An amazing atmosphere uner the floodlights in Fredrikstad. The players on the pitch looked nervous, as the first half produced few highlights. Fredrikstad managed to step ut a bit in the second half. But Notodden always looked dangerous on the cunter The guest eventually also created the best chance of the match (See video below) Fredrikstad pressed for a winner. But to be honest, they did not create much. It ended a goalless draw and all to play for in the second leg at Notodden.
Club website:
County: Østfold – Norway 

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