Czech Republic

Banik Ostrava – Sigma Olomouc 0-0 Mestsky stadion

Stadium: Mestsky stadion
FC Banik Ostrava
15.123 (All-seater)
Surface: Grass
: South in the city Ostrava east in The Czech Republic
Mestsky stadion
Visited: 14. December 2018 League (1. tier) FC Banik Ostrava – Sigma Olomouc 0-0 Att: 6.251


My first ever match in The Czech Republic. I arrived by train from Bratislava in Slovakia. Ostrava is far east in The Czech Republic, not far away from the Polish border. It’s the second largest residential area in The Czech Republic. Banik is a traditional club and now plays at the Mestsky stadion. On a cold night I didn’t have too high hopes for this match. Banik should on the paper win this match quite easy, but that’s not football. The guests from Sigma Olomouc fighted well and Banik was never able to break down the visitors. 

The atmosphere was ok, but when the crowd only fills one third of the stadium, it will always feel a bit empty. If you ever go here take the tram to the stadium and don’t worry about the cost. The Czech Republic is really cheap.

Club website:
County: Mähren-Schlesien – Czech Republic 

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Banik Ostrava

Mestsky stadion

Mestsky stadion Banik Ostrava

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