Stadion Miejski Hutnik Kraków Hutnik Nowa Huta – Podlasie Biała Podlaska 0-2

Hutnik logoStadium: Stadion Miejski Hutnik Kraków
Hutnik Nowa Huta
Capacity: 7.000 (6.500 seats)
Surface: Grass
Location: In the eastern parts of Krakow
Address: Tadeusza Ptaszyckiego 4, 30-979 Kraków
Visited: 16. March 2019. Hutnik Nowa Huta – Podlasie Biała Podlaska 0-2 (0-1) Goals: Syryjczyk & Leśniak Att: 675


We started off my first ever Poland trip with some 4. tier football in the eastern parts of Krakow. The hosts where actually league leaders. In huge contrast, the visitors where sitting low in the table. One should expect an easy win for the Hutnik. How wrong can you be?

The match:

Throughout the match it was hard to tell the difference of the teams. To be honest, the match was a scrappy affair. In a game where chances were few and far between, the visitors were the more efficient side. It looked like Hutnik could have played forever without scoring, it was really not their day. It was certainly not a good match on the pitch, but the atmosphere in the stands were great. Some 100 Hutnik ultras made good voice and the barbeque was well worth a visit. The stadium is old fashioned, but really reflects a lot of the good old soul of Polish football. You should certainly make the trip if you ever visit Krakow!

Club website: Hutnik webpage
County: Krakow – Poland Poland nation flag

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Hutnik Nova Huta - Podlasie Biała Podlaska 0-2



Hutnik Nova Huta - Podlasie Biała Podlaska 0-2

Awaysupporters from Podlasie Biała Podlaska


The Hutnik Nova Huta ultras certainly made a great atmosphere throughout the match!

Saturday lunch at Hutnik!
To sum up the final score!

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