J.J. Ugland Stadion Levermyr

FK Jerv klubblogoStadium: J.J. Ugland Stadion Levermyr
Club: FK Jerv
Capacity: 3.458 (2.075 seats)
Surface: Grass
Location: Walking distance from the city center of Grimstad
Address: Levermyrveien 30, 4878 Grimstad
Visited: Several times (Photos from July 2017)
Club website: www.fkjerv.no
County: Aust-Agder – Norway 
Matches at Levermyr: 

Localderby vs. IK Start september 2017. Att: 2.470



Jerv - Sandnes Ulf 20180819
Jerv – Sandnes Ulf 1-1 19. August 2018 Obos-ligaen
Jerv - Strømmen 1-1 7. April 2019 Obos-ligaen
Jerv – Strømmen 1-1 7. April 2019 Obos-ligaen
JJ Ugland Levermyr Stadion
October 2016 vs. Kristiansund. Kristiansund secured promotion to Eliteserien
Levermyr Stadion 2010

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